Accessible Entrances

The Luminary is located at 700 North 1st Street in the North Loop of Minneapolis. There is a curb-cut ADA drop off area directly in front of the building. There is a ramp to access the front entrance.

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking near the Luminary is limited. The Luminary will have 2 accessible parking spaces available in our parking lot which is located across the street from the theater entrance. While there are numerous parking options in the area, all involve crossing and traversing city streets. It is recommended that those with mobility issues utilize the accessible drop-off area in front of the building when possible. View more parking and public transportation options.

Accessible Restrooms

The Luminary has two wheelchair accessible stalls and one ambulatory stall located on the lefthand side of the lobby as you enter the building. In addition, there are two accessible companion care/ family restrooms located at the stage level of the theater in the lower elevator lobby. One of the companion care restrooms is outfitted with an adult changing table.

Accessible Seating

Accessible seating includes designated spaces for individuals who use wheelchairs or need aisle transfer seats and companion seats. The Luminary Arts Center has accessible seating in the first row of the seating bank. We have armless chairs available upon request.

Purchasing Accessible Seating Online
When selecting seats online, note that accessible locations are marked with this symbol.  wheelchair icon  Hold the cursor over the seat location to verify that the location is accessible. By purchasing these seats, you are acknowledging that you, or another member of your party, have mobility / accessibility needs. If you have questions about accessible seating, please contact MN Opera Patron Services at 612-333-6669 or [email protected] for assistance.

Allergies/Chemical Sensitivities

Please be considerate of those who may have allergies or chemical sensitivities. It is recommended that you refrain from using strong perfumes and colognes so as not to distract the patrons sitting around you.

Assistive Listening

Assistive Listening is available for all shows at Luminary in the form of FM assistive listening receivers. These receiver packs, as well as an over the ear earphone, are available for check out upon request at the box office, where the House Manager will assist in setting up the receiver. If you have a personal set of earbuds, headphones, or an induction loop to use with assistive listening, you are welcome to use them, so long as they have a standard 3.5mm audio jack.

ASL Interpretation

ASL Interpretation is managed by each individual producer. Performances with ASL interpretation are denoted on our list of upcoming performances. For additional information, please contact the event producer.

Audio Description

Audio Description availability is managed by each individual producer. Performances with audio description are clearly denoted on our lists of upcoming performances. For additional information, please contact the event producer.

Alternative Format Materials

Braille and large-print format programs availability is managed by each individual producer. Please feel free to contact MN Opera Patron Services at 612-333-6669 or [email protected] ahead of your performance to inquire about availability.

Curb to Seat Service and Drop-off

An accessible drop-off cut-out area is available and located in front of the building at 700 North 1st Street.

Luminary staff are available to assist guests to their seats and/or wheelchair accessible locations once inside the building.

Mobility aids that cannot be stored safely within the guest’s seating area and wheelchairs for those guests who transfer to a theater seat will be stored at stage level as close as possible to a guest’s seat.

At intermission, Luminary staff make every effort to check in with guests who may need assistance getting to restroom entrances or intermission bars. At the conclusion of the performance, staff members are available to assist guests in exiting the building.

When possible, the Luminary encourages guests who may need additional mobility assistance to attend with a companion who is able to assist with those needs.

Noise Reducing Headphones

Noise Reducing Headphones are available for guests’ use. Headphones can benefit individuals with autism spectrum disorder and others with sensory sensitivities. Noise Reducing Headphones will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. No reservations needed.

Open Captioning

Captioning availability is managed by each individual producer. The Luminary makes every effort to include captioning information in our performance descriptions.

Service Animals

Trained service animals are allowed in all areas of the facility where people are allowed unless the animal poses a direct threat, a fundamental alteration, is not housebroken or is not under the control of the person with the disability. Service animals must always remain on a leash or harness and will rest in the seating area of the individual with a disability. Service animals may not use additional seats unless a ticket has been purchased for the adjacent seat. All other animals are prohibited.


The full range of accessibility services offered by Luminary will continue to evolve. We appreciate your patience and please do not hesitate to reach out for additional information or to inquire about accommodation not mentioned above. You can reach us via the MN Opera Patron Services Offices at 612-333-6669 or [email protected]. Please make sure to indicate that you are inquiring about a Luminary performance.